Have something pretty delivered to your door each month and receive a FREE lucky elephant bracelet!
Hey there! I’m Jandy and this is Club Boho, my pride and joy - Since you have previously purchased BOHO jewelry before I thought you would love my new Club Boho program!
Club Boho is your chance to treat yourself to something pretty each month. We will deliver a unique piece from our ever growing Boho Chic Style collection. It will be a mix of bracelets, necklaces & earring...and maybe an additional surprise or two!  
We know you're going to be thrilled every time a new package arrives on your door step! That's why we're offering you this FREE Lucky Elephant Bracelet just to try us out!
  Get our Lucky Elephant Bracelet
FREE just for trying Club Boho!
  • Hand Crafted. All of our jewlery  features kiln-fired ceramic stones and copper alloy pieces on an all natural rope band. Each piece is hand-crafted and kiln fired. Slight color variations make each bracelet unique!
  • 100% Ceramic. Each stone is 100% ceramic and kiln fired, with an adjustable rope band. 
  • Introductory Offer! This is a very unique package we are onlyoffering to our existing customers! 
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